Mobile Internet for travellers: Czech Republic

All mobile networks in Czech Republic are GSM/3G based. All providers – T-Mobile, Telefónica O2 and Vodafone – offer prepaid SIM cards without need to register. Cards are sold as a common consumer goods.

In terms of fast mobile Internet coverage it doesn’t matter which carrier you choose. 3G network coverage is at approximately the same for all operators and you find it in bigger towns. Slower EDGE technology covers basically the whole country. After you reach FUP (fair user policy) limit of your plan, connection speed drops down dramatically, but you can continue without any additional costs.

Coverage maps

Klepněte pro větší obrázekKlepněte pro větší obrázek
Klepněte pro větší obrázek
Klepněte pro větší obrázek
This is how Telefónica O2 and Vodafone shops might look like in Czech Republic

Internet for your phone

If you want a prepaid SIM card with Internet for your phone, the best for short-time travellers in Czech Republic is O2 Karta with Internet v mobilu package activated. The card can be bought in Telefónica O2 stores or on large retailers (Tesco, Globus, Interspar, Datart, Electroworld).

The normal price for O2 Karta is 95 CZK (3.86 EUR) and pre-charged credit is 50 CZK (2 EUR). You can top-up credit in minimal amount of 200 CZK (8.12 EUR) over terminals in stores, coupons, ATMs etc. (complete list is here).

With the Internet v mobilu (Internet in mobile phone) package activation you can use four weeks free trial. The only requirement is to top-up your credit with the minimum amount of 200 CZK (8.2 EUR). To activate package just send text message IVM to the number 999111. When the four weeks trial ends, you wil pay 75 CZK (3 EUR) for a week. There is a FUP limit 37 MB per week.

No package activated

  • 15 CZK (0.6 EUR) per 1 hour connection, but maximum 30 CZK (1.2 EUR) is charged for 24 hours connection
  • FUP: 30 MB for 24 hours

Package “Internet v mobilu Start”

  • Activation SMS: send IVM1 to number 999111
  • Deactivation SMS: send DIVM to number 999111
  • Price: 40 CZK (1.6 EUR) per week (basic credit is 50 CZK, so for a week stay you don’t need to top-up)
  • FUP: 37 MB per week

Package “Internet v mobilu”

  • Activation SMS: send IVM2 to number 999111
  • Deactivation SMS: send DIVM to number 999111
  • 75 CZK (3 EUR) per week
  • FUP: 125 MB per week

Internet for your laptop

Mobile Internet plans for laptops have higher FUP and are more expensive of course. According to your needs you can choose between Vodafone and Telefónica O2.

Vodafone prepaid card costs 200 CZK (8 EUR), basic credit is 200 CZK. Credit top-up can be done in the same ways as with Telefónica O2, or you canuse credit card.

Package “Vodafone Připojení na stálo”

  • Package for pre-paid card Vodafone karta (either „Divoká“ or „Na míru“)
  • For activation call *077 (in English), or visit
  • Price: 525 CZK (21.4 EUR) per 30 days
  • FUP: 3 GB per month

“O2 Mobilní Internet PRO”

  • Package for pre-paid card O2 Karta
  • For activation send AMI to number 999111
  • For deactivation send DMI to number 999111
  • Price: 750 CZK (30 EUR) per month
  • FUP: 10 GB per month

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