The world`s very first Sony Ericsson T68i pictures and information

We have finally got the very first pictures of the new Sony Ericsson T68i, which was guarded almost like a top secret material, hidden in the shadow of mystery. We previously thought that the T68i compared to the T68m would offer only MMS, but as we have found out, we were terribly mistaken. The new T68i offers much more than that!
The world`s very first Sony Ericsson T68i pictures and information

For Czech readers: èeskou verzi èlánku najdete zde

Notice: All information published in this article is only unofficial. The article is referring to the information found on the Internet. It might be possible that the final version can a little bit vary from the version described in this article.

Here is the summary of the most important new features, so that you can make a better overview about this great subscriber:

  • As we already said, the T68i offers the MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) - the T68i can send messages to another subscriber or into the e-mail, you can use five pre-defined MMSs, ten pictures in WBMP, GIF87a, GIF89a or JPEG format in maximal resolution 80×60 pixels or a melody in iMelody or BeMelody format.
  • You can also send your voice notes and other recordings saved in your phone‘s voice recorder (in AMR format).
  • Another good feature is the picture viewer which supports WBMP (320x320 pixels), GIF (160x120) or a JPEG (640x480 - only  preview).
  • Internet browser with support of the XHTML
  • Improved support of the Ericsson ComuniCam camera, which offers high performance up to 2 frames/second. The saved images can be sent in the MMS
  • Ability of MPEG-4 hardware decoding (that means that you can watch the MPEG-4 video on direct on your subscriber’s display).
  • Shared memory – it’s not strictly defined how much memory should the phone book use and how much is for the messages anymore. That means that you can use whole memory only for storing the pictures if you want to.

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The backside isn't from rubber anymore

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The menu has also partially changed

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The basic features have remained the same.

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The T68m and the T68i is different in outlook and firmware

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It seems that the T68i can assign a picture to a Phonebook contact.

Click on the thumbnail to view the hi-res picture:

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Klepněte pro větší obrázek  Klepněte pro větší obrázek

Klepněte pro větší obrázek  Klepněte pro větší obrázek

Klepněte pro větší obrázek  Klepněte pro větší obrázek

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Ericsson’s going bye bye, hurray for Sony Ericsson

The new T68i doesn’t carry the Ericsson banner anymore. It’s going to be the first Sony Ericsson subscriber in the history. Although the design is very similar to the T68m’s, the differences are conspicuous even on the very first glimpse.

According to our source’s information – the T68i should be available on the beginning of March 2002 (some sources are speaking precisely about 4th March). By the same time the firmware upgrade for the T68m, which will offer the same features as T68i, will be available. We don’t know yet whether the upgrade will be free of charge or whether you’d have to pay for it like when upgrading Siemens SL45 to SL45i. It’s likely possible the first choice, because of one important argument – Ericsson promised MMS to be already in T68m and hasn't keep the promise. It’s almost the same case as it was with Ericsson R520m R1 and R2.

The pictures used in this article were provided by their Hungarian author, known under his nickname Deadman. Please excuse lower quality of the pictures.

How do you like this new subscriber? Do you think that it’s a good direction for the Sony Ericsson company? Let us know your opinion in our forum.

Important notice: It is strongly prohibited to use any of these pictures without our permission. If you would like to publish any of them, contact us via e-mail

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